Your Dentist’s Role in Cavity Redcution

A study conducted by scientist emphasize their agreement with leading dental authorities that no toothpaste – with flouride or no flouride and no special brushes – automatic or manual can substitute for care and treetment of teeth by your family dentist. Seeing your dentist regularly is the most important part of any dental-health program. Important, too, is his advice on diet , as wellas how to brush, when to brush and how often to brush.

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San Jose Emergency Dentist

San Jose Emergency Dentist
Arbor Dental in San Jose is open for all emergency services. Call the on call doctor and get your problem resolved asap.
Flexible hours are offered for your convenience! Most Insurance plans accepted.

Emergency patients are expected to be seen everyday and the staff is prepared to accommodate them.

Our doctors are committed to providing you with high quality dentistry in a friendly and comfortable environment. Strong emphasis is placed on continual education in the most current aspects so that you receive the best care available.